02 January 2008

What About Worker Inflation?

Most reports one see or reads in the media has a better than average outlook for the economy, but those outlooks are geared toward investors, not humans.

Let us look at realities for the average working stiff in the US.

Food costs are up
Gas prices are up
housing is sagging
unemployment is up
retail sales flat
plant closings
jobs lost

These are all things that effect the workers of this country and yet we are told constantly that all is well and the economy is looking good. Who decides that for the average worker? Ask anyone, other than some hot shot investor and you will get the answer that all is not well. And the prospects of improvement are not looking good. The average working family is basically living on credit and eventually that is gonna bite everybody in the butt.

I know reality bites!


Anonymous said...

They have been putting off the inevitable by the loose lending practices and easy credit, while the sheep have jumped at the chance to become even more materialistic.

There are a lot of folks in for a rude awakening.

CHUQ said...

True that! The media does its part to keep the average worker in the dark; making them feel that they are the only ones with financial probs, while the economy looks good and stable. It is BS.

Thanx for the visit.

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