13 January 2008

Clinton Workers Gets DUI

Please! It is being reported that a Clinton campaign worker got a DWI/DUI the day before the primary. His name was Blumenthal or something similar. OMG! The Clinton campaign is falling apart. She is surrounded by lushes. (Sarcasm intended) Why is this a story? The guy had too much to drink and tried to drive. Sorry, but this happens everyday. Just turn him over to MADD and let them castrate him and move on.

The media has a propensity to dwell on bullsh*t way too much. Just what was accomplished by this report? Trying to embarrass the Clinton campaign? If I had news that my gig was about to be over then I might have had a drink or two also. The man is human, he f*cked up, let it go at that. Move on to real news or go to work for FOX, where bullsh*t lives!

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