22 January 2008

South Carolina Democratic Debate

Now that the media has successfully eliminated all but the three top candidates from the primaries, you would think that there would finally be a debate that focused on the issues. Think again! CNN, "the best political team on TV", their words, not mine, hosted the SC debate and they showed that they are just as disgusting as any of the other outlets. Wolf Blitzer, the debate moderator was about as worthless as tits on a boar, he was never in control of the debate.

Almost immediately Clinton and Obama started for each others jugular. They went back and forth with he said, she said, Bill said; attacking each others integrity and voting records. Edwards had to chime in and remind Blitzer that there were three people in the debate. Very little was talked about the top 2's issues. Edwards did well by trying to inject "real" issues into the debate. The best line of the night was by Edward's when he said, "this squabbling willnot help children get health care....."

The media got what they wanted--a bullsh*t knock down argument about each other and not the issues. Nothing was said by Clinton or Obama that would have helped the voter understand their positions on issues. The dumbest question was ask to Obama if he thought Bill Clinton was truly the first black president. Obama's answer was humorous and absolutely worthless. There was too much time spent on the issue of race and not issues.

Ok so now you want to know who I think won and lost the debate. Winner was Edwards, because he was the only adult on the stage. The loser was two-fold: First it was CNN for co-sponsoring a worthless two hours of personal attacks and the voter because they learned NOTHING about the issues.

This was a good example of why the media should NOT be allowed to be involved in the debate process at any cost. Debates are for the political education of the voter, not to teach them the proper way to personally attack an opponent. CNN needs to apologize to the voter for the debate and their lack of any actual moderation.

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