11 January 2008

The Latest Republican Debate

OMG! FOX news has a debate. were the tough questions asked? HA! Hell no! But everyone of the candidates there had to invoke the memory of Ronald Reagan. If you had a nickel for everything his name was used, you could afford to fill up you SUV with gas.

I gues you want to know what the Professor thought of the debate. (Long pause) thinking...thinking....I was so f*cking bored with pat bullsh*t answers that I wanted rip my ears off and start painting.

Mitt was Mitt--a game show host
Rudy was.......there and boring.
McCain is just f*cking tired...nothing new.
Thompson was not bad with his answers....had a shot at huck...all in all he looked pretty good.
Huckabee was sweet, likable, and totally boring.
Paul--what can I say--Paul is Paul.

Apparently, Thompson has been designated as McCain's attack dog. He needs to be a little less obvious.

The winner? My pick is those who did not watch the debate. They were the smart ones that show superior decision making process.

11 Jan 08

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