31 January 2008

When Will Bill Shut Up?

It started with a Clinton campaign worker in NH when they made a reference to Obama's drug use, something that was covered in a book that he wrote telling of his youth. It was then continue on talk shows, the reference to coke was pretty frequent. And more surrogates started injecting more and more stuff about this and his race. As you would think, the Clinton campaign waited a couple of days for the media to pick up and drive the accusations home before they would come out against such messages.

And then along came Bill. you know the 1st Black president. At least that is what he has been labeled. Bill started with the position that everyone was piling on or picking on Hil. Most of this came to a head in NH. And then Bill made damn sure that he threw a couple of race comments out there. Oh, he would never do that, he was the first black president. Did you listen to his comments, I mean really listen to his comments. Not what the media told you he said, but the real comments.

Some in the media, mostly Hil fans, have said that some were wearing their race on their sleeve and that he did not intend it that way. Most of these were said a couple of days after the comment was made, again, giving the media time to drive the point home to the voters. His comment on why Obama won SC was because he was black. That is why Jesse Jackson won their in '84 and '88. That comment could not be taken any other way than Obama was black and that is why he won.

So which way is it? OK, I live in a state where civil rights has been an issue for 50+ years, and Bill was not speaking in code, he was well aware of what he was saying. He has been in politics long enough to know what he was doing. He said what he meant and in a way that it was intended. He is a surrogate for his wife. He was well aware how the black community would see his comments.

Bill and his mouth have erased years of his statesmanship. He has now been silent, but the damage to his lagacy has been done. Time for Bill to shut up.


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