10 January 2008

Differences In The Candidates

There are other differences in the the two top contenders, not just in their issues, which by the way look very similar to each other, IMO. Clinton and Obama have different styles.

I look at the speeches they make...Obama when speaking to the crowds he uses phrases like we can make the difference ..we can bring change...we......

Now when Clinton speaks it is I can make difference...I can bring change....for me it is the economy.

Therre is the difference....Obama is giving the people the idea that they will be part of the process. Clinton's tone seems to be that if you vote for her then you are out of the pic altogether, that she will do all she promises.

Obama wins in the motivational speech category...now I look for a Clinton remake...she will become more human...softer...more accessible...and her speeches will change. To a format that makes the people feel they bare part of her rise.

We will see...on to Nevada and Michigan...and then SC.

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