30 January 2008

Edwards Gets Screwed

I have been watching this drama play out and have noticed a few things that I do not like about the way it is being reported by the media. Why do I say this? Ok Edwards is still a viable candidate, he is still getting about 15% of the vote, but yet he is seldom on TV for interviews. He is consistently doing better than Huckabee but yet gets none of the opportunities that Huck gets. look at MSNBC's Morning Joe, Huckabee is on there damn near everyday; I have seen Edwards on there twice. Why is this?

Edwards is an anti-corporation candidate--there is the best answer. He is fighting for the removal of poverty or at least most of it and he is an outspoken critic of the corporate strangle hold on Washington. Since most media outlets are owned by corporations, he is being marginalized by the networks. Only corporate friendly candidates seem to be the only ones acceptable.

Edwards stays on his message, but maybe he should pick up a bible and a bass guitar and maybe the media will be a bit more warmer to him. look at the last dem debate, Hil and Obama go after each for about 20 minutes and this after Blitzer said in the intro that the debate would be one on issues and yet he ignored Edwards and let the two duke it out. Edwards had to remind Blitzer that there were three candidates on the stage. Yet Blitzer still spent time massaging the corporate candidates. They did it with Kucinich and now they are zeroing in on Edwards. Because the voter is so lazy, this tactic will most likely work.

Edwards is being screwed by the media, please voters, DO NOT let the corporations decide who your candidate will be. If you like what Edwards has to say, then by all means, vote for the man. The control of the media is not what a democracy is all about. The people need to wake up and smell the cow pie.

Edwards is the ONLY candidate for the Dems that has a different message to deliver to the voters. I say to the Mainstream Media, Let John Edwards Be Heard! And what is it about Huckabee that makes him a more viable candidate than Edwards. Cute sayings are NOT a platform!

I know, am I an Edwards supporter? If by liking his message makes me a supporter then yes. Will I vote for him? Since my state primary is in March, it will depend on what he does between now and then.

Let edwards Be Heard!

Afterword: Never mind! a few hours after I wrote this piece it was announced that edwards was leaving the race of the Democratic nomination. He has not endorsed anyone as of this writing.

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