06 January 2008

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

With the primaries taking center stage, there was not much time for worthless mind candy. But they did find time for a bit of it.

If it is worthless news
Then it is nothing that could be used
Break out the booze
On with the news.

1--Man in Arizona tries to ride a buffalo with a saddle--he is badly mauled--

2--And the Britney train wreck keeps on chuggin' along. Dr. Phil is now involved--that ought be got for his ratings.

3--A disaster, a weather disaster, is waiting to happen in S. Calif--so what is new?

4--There was a train wreck, a car chase, a fire, and another missing woman--nothing new from last week.

5--15th person, inmate, in Dallas county Texas was cleared by DNA--do you see a pattern here?

That is a round-up of the 1st week of 08 and the worthless news you have to look forward to in the near future. Nothing changed even with the importance of the electoral process, there is always time for worthless horseshit.

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