25 January 2008

Florida Republican Debate

The best I can say is that they are acted like adults. There was none of the "in your face" tactics of the last dem debate. I will say that MSNBC let Romney have the most time on the air. It was a free ad. All the candidates were polite, civil and on message. Kind of like they were on automatic pilot. They were almost introducing themselves to the people of Florida. They all seemed to be saying that the Clintons were gonna be the candidate of the Dems and they were all running against them.

Ok who won--Mitt, because he was confident and on message looking very presidential. McCain was good but lack a little something. Huckabee was his usual humorous self and defended his stands very well. Rudy was flat and did not have a whole lot of substance. and then there is Paul. What can I say? Paul was Paul!

All in all a pretty good debate. At least there were no shots to the throat of their opponents. They basically looked a lot better than the Dems did on their last debate.

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