07 January 2008

Mitt Wins One

Wyoming just held their GOP caucus and Mitt came out on top with 8 delegates. Hunter got 3 and Thompson got 1. Hurray for Mitt after all the millions he has spent and this is his win. He might want to rethink his candidacy. Why? he does not seem to be playing well in NH, mcCain is sucking up all the independents. If Mitt loses NH, he will be in the same position that Rudy is in; hoping for a really good Tsunami Tuesday. That will be another post later.

Ok I now must question the sanity of the GOP in Wyoming. Iowa and New Hampshire are traditionally the first and important of the election cycle. But the GOP in Wyoming thought they could capitialize on the cash being spent in the campaigns but sandwiching theirs between iowa and New Hampshire. Someone needs to be shot! there were 5 days between the two and the candidates were not gonna waste their time in Wyoming when New Hampshire is so dire for several of the candidates.

As it was they got very little press out of this move and were pretty much ignored by all concerned. So someone needs to lose their leadership position because of this failed move. The only one that is happy, is Mitt he finally won one!

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