12 January 2008

Change--Can You Hear That?

In the last debates the word was used no less than 100+ times. But that is not the change I am referring to in this post. Not political change, but rather the change in persona.

Clinton in the past, on her stump has been methodical, distant and aloff. But yet when she is one on one with people she is warm, friendly and genuine Some pundits have been calling her "shrill". Don't know if that is the word I would use, but she definitely needs to lighten up. Protract her softer side.

Compare the two speeches she made , first in Iowa and then in New Hampshire. There has been a marked change in her style, she has indeed lightened up. She even welled up, got teary at a function. Fortunately, cameras recorded it for prosperity. Her concession speech in Iowa, on stage with her were the usual suspect from the other Clinton regime, Albright, Clark, Bill, etc. It is really hard to convince people that you stand for change when they see the past behind you rooting you on. Then look at New hampshire, she was on stage with a bunch of smiling youngsters behind her. The players from the past were noticeably absent. Some one is listening!

Clinton will be redesigned by the next primary or Caucus. Change will happen. She will be more accessible to the media, she will be softer, more likable person. Playing the gender card work well in New Hampshire. We will see how much of a remake is happening in the Nevada debate.

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