31 January 2008

Republican Debate

Reagan! Reagan! Reagan!

Last night at the Reagan Library in Californian the remaining Repub candidates squared off for the final debate before Super Tuesday. And as usual, all want to claim the ghost of Reagan. What does that mean? That is another post at a later date. Of course, they were asked the typical Reagan question--Are we better off today? And just as predictable all but Paul said yes. Apparently, they do not live in the same US that I do.

The night was spent mostly allowing McCain and Romney go after each other and their stands. Which CNN seem to want. Huckabee, when he was allowed to talk, said something cute and humorous, but nothing of substance. Paul as usual was confrontational and said all the things that make Repubs squint.

so who won? Nobody, all it was to let the people see Mitt and John go at each other. Paul and Huckabee were just there trying to get some attention. CNN did its part of not allowing them to say too much. Mitt spend all night with a smirk on his face when McCain was talking. It was irritating.

All in all it was a McCain/Romney showcase for CNN. Nothing more than that. CNN as well as a lot of media outlets have chosen the candidates from both parties. Who lost the debate? The people. Not once did the question get asked as how they would change the economy. Only vague ramblings about tax cuts and corporate incentives. Which is a hope not a solution.

All in all a throughly forgettable experience. Thank you CNN for making it so.

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