20 January 2008

Chris Matthews Comments

Recently, MSNBC's Chris Matthews made a comment about Hillary Clinton that turned the media into a ravenous beast. He was crucified daily about this comment What would the outcome possible be?

Matthews made a comment about Clinton's win in NH, to the tune of, "she got support because her husband messed around". (A Paraphrase). That in itself was not the most intelligent thing he could have said and the sharks circled for the kill. The problem is, and I watched the Morning Joe segment that this quote is from, and Matthews said a lot more than that one statement--it was taken out of context, as usual. Actually, Matthews made the point that Hillary was a strong person and that she has worked hard in Congress and is a good candidate. He also made a good case that she will always get a sympathy vote because of her handling of her husband's indiscretions. That is not a criticism, but rather a fact. Everybody, but mostly women, will have her stand on that situation in the back of their minds and it could influence their vote. This does not take anything away from Hillary, for she is an excellent candidate. All Matthews did was point out a fact and the crap he had to face because of telling the truth, smacks of censorship.

Matthews went on his show, Hardball, and had to clarify what he said and attempt an apology. He seems to speak well and I think it is just his way and style of talking. IMO, I do not think he needed to apologize for anything he said. I understood what he meant and so did many others, but the politicos had to turn it into something it was not. With that said, I sincerely hope that he was not forced into making the statement and apology on his show.

Later in the week, Matthews was on the Tonite Show with Jay Leno and he was talking about the Republican party and compared it to Iraq. He said that the party was tribal, that Huckabee and Thompson were the Shi'a, the fundamentalists and that McCain and Rudy were the Sunni, the moderates and that Romney was the Kurd. IMO, an excellent analysis. You would think that with his problem with the Clinton statement, the Repubs would be all over him for this comment. But to the contrary, all is quiet on the Repub front. Maybe Coulter should play the part of a Repub Steinem...I jest..the less she says the better the country will be.


Kizzume said...

That is very strange. I don't quite understand it. The republicans are the ones that surprised me in not going after that....

CHUQ said...

me too. I do think that his analysis of the repubs being like Iraq is an excellent thing.

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