26 January 2008

It Was The Best Of Tmes; It Was The Worst Of Times

After the Repubs debate on Thurs past, Mitt seems to be jumping out in front, barely. But why? It is the economy stupid! As long as the war was the focus of the media then McCain and Rudy were the men. But now they are just there trying to find a hook on the economy.

Rudy without 9/11 is doomed! Unless he can find a way to link the economy to that disaster, and that would be a stretch that even Rudy can not pull off. Then there is McCain, without the war he is struggling. He even says that he is not the sharpest pencil in the box when it involves the economy. His support for the war and surge is past news; old at best. The voter is a fraid they are about to lose everything and the war is just a fleeting memory. McCain may be screwed and tattooed after the Florida primary.

Now there is Mitt. He has got to be jerking off for all he had was a lame vague stand on the economy and now that it has gone into the toilet, he is sitting pretty. Mitt would have been an also ran without the economy and now he is 'Da Man"!

The problem is he is vague with little or no specifics. Hell, I could run on that kind of stand. Yes he ran business that were failing and made them solvent. But how? By cutting jobs, at is how. The company becomes more profitable and he gets the credit. And workers get hunger. His promises are just that promises and will not be kept.

The voter will decide who will be president, and hopefully that will not be fooled by empty promises. Who knows? We can only hope. Mitt is looking good to a lot of Repubs. IMO, he still looks like a game show host.

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