14 January 2008

Hilla-Bama Ticket

Much has been speculated on the candidates and who they may choose as their running mate if they are lucky enough to gain the Democratic Party nomination. I say this would be an excellent democratic ticket, looking only at the votes it would garner--The Hila-Bama ticket! This ticket would appease all aspects of the Democratic Party.

Why do I say this? Both are good candidates. Obama is a great orator. Clinton is good at playing the Washington two step. Her experience is paramount to her campaign. Obama is less experienced and if he were the veep, his resume for the next election would be greatly expanded and giving him the experience most say he lacks. If they have a pretty good presidency then Obama would almost be a shoo in.

Other than the above beanies of the two running together on the same ticket there are other reasons. Both have similar stands on Iraq, foreign policy, social issues, economy, especially taxes and trade, immigration. Their biggest division seems to be over the health care proposals and that can be overcome. Okay that said, it does not hurt that one is a female and the other a person of color; two really good pluses in their favor.

Now you want to know if they can win, right? I gave up reading tea leaves with the '08 NH primary. The voter is in control. NO! I do not believe that for a minute, but it sounds good. But I digress. The Hila-Bama ticket would be a force to be reckoned with in the election. My observation in this case is that the ticket would be hard to beat, but only if the enthusiasm of the people stays high. Idealism is a wonderful thing, but unfortunately it does not win many elections. But that fact is for another post.

With all this said, Richardson is getting out of the race because of his poor showings in the first two contests. Pundits are saying that it is now a wide open race with Clinton’s win in NH. I disagree. Edwards is different in his stands, but between Clinton and Obama, the differences are more in presentation than in substance. For there to be a Hila-Bama ticket Clinton needs to win the nomination. Never forget that the DNC will have a front row seat at the picking of the Democratic ticket.


vermouth said...

I think it's a great idea, but I'd do it the other way around ... Baracklinton. President Obama as the inspirational orator, and VP Clinton as the experienced policy advisor. Of course it will never happen.

CHUQ said...

Thanx for the return visit. IMO, Clinton would have to have the lead, she is just nasty enough to take on the repubs. with their inevitable negative ads and accusations.

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