21 January 2008

Kucinich--The Fix Is In!

By now I hope everyone knows about the fact that Dennis Kucinich was eliminated from the Nevada Democratic debate. First he was eliminated by MSNBC, then a judge ruled that they could not eliminate him once he had been invited, then MSNBC brought in their high powered corporate lawyers and took it to the Nevada Supreme Court, where it ruled in MSNBC's favor and that they could exclude Kucinich from the debates.

In my years as an activist I have seen this type of crap play out numerous times. There are three ways that a candidate can be marginalized by the MSM. 1--discrediting the opposition by making it look ridiculous. 2--isolate the opposition by given only isolated coverage. 3--limit the amount of exposure that the opposition is allowed to get. All three have been used against kucinich. What? In one debate the only candidate that was asked about UFOs was kucinich and his answer got him ridiculed by the msm. Second, Kucinich was NEVER given the exposure on msm as say Huckabee, thus marginalizing Dennis' message. And lastly, the candidate is given little chance to put forward his/her stands on the issues. This was used against Kucinich at the Nevada debate.

After watching the Nevada debate I can understand why MSNBC and the other democratic candidates did not want Dennis there. Yes, I said the other Democratic candidates! If they were not part of the plan, why did they not speak up to have Kucinich included in the debate? MSNBC brought up Cheney's energy bill, the War and others. All of these Dennis was opposed to and his record confirms this. However the big 3 were flip-floppers. If Dennis had been included then the corporate candidates would have been exposed as the frauds they really are.

I find this sad that the candidates would not come to the aid of Kucinich. These are the same people that are always saying that the American people are getting a raw deal from the other side of the political spectrum, yet they play the same game, by the same rules that the Repubs play by. Are these the people you really want in control of Washington? Never mind, do not answer that for the answer is obvious. Enjoy the president that the corporations pick for you.


Kizzume said...

The ones that really could make change are the ones that have the least chance. :(

It was that way the last election too. Dean was given the short end of the deal.

CHUQ said...

They are slowly getting rid of the anti-corporation candidates. even edwards is the next to be eliminated by the media.

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