23 January 2008

The Clintons: Two For The Price Of One

I have said for years that the US needs a statesman as president, not a politician. The Dems started this process with an excellent field of candidates and among those were some that were statesmen. But unfortunately, those are falling by the wayside and the normal politicians are emerging as the leaders of the Dems. By that I mean it is all about ego and power and influence, nothing about the issues and the problems that Americans face everyday. Americans seem to be leaning to the experience, Hillary has the experience--not legislative experience, not legal experience, but rather political experience. You can see that by the way that the campaign is going. Hil and Bill are resorting to half truths, dirty tricks, etc. yes this is politics as usual. So much for change if she wins the nomination and the presidency.

The Clintons have turned this into a race issue, by the comments that their surrogates have issued and Hil, herself mentioning slum lord in one of her comments. Bill even goes so far as to say he has never lied about Obama and yet all pundits catch him in the lies. This is politics as usual. It is Win at All Costs, that is not the change that Hil keeps saying she wants to bring to Washington.

Obama has fallen into their trap, they are turning him into a black candidate, not the universal candidate that he wants to be. If he wins SC, it will be spun as because of the black vote. If the Clintons win this ego trip and get the nomination, then you will be giving the presidency to McCain if he is the Repub nominee. And you will have further polarization, something that Hillary has said that we need to end. With her and Bill, polarization will continue and the democratic party will stay divided. She is not the uniter, especially with Bill being her tag team partner.

Bill is quickly losing all respect that Dems have had for him over the years. Apparently it is worth it to win the presidency at any cost.

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