01 January 2008

And The Nominees Are!

Since this blog was started, I have been posting some of the most anal statements made by people in the news. I call it an anal-ocity and now I want to award an "Assie" to the most anal of them all. I will post the nominees here and on a couple of discussion forums and hopeful people will vote on the most anal statement.

And the nominees are!

1--When ordered abck to jail this summer Paris said:

"It's Not Fair"

2--Gen. George Casey said:

"We are not doing nation building in Iraq"

3--Miss South Carolina, when she said"

"I think it is because some in the US do not have access to maps" a youtube moment.

4--On MSNBC an anthropology professor said while analyzing Sen Craig behavior in an airport restroom said:

"First it is not about gay sex. It is about two men approaching each for man on man sex."

5--Fred Thompson's take on why the Sunni tribes turned on Al-Qaeda:

"AQ put into effect an anti-smoking ban".

6--The last is a statement by Pres Bush. when analyzing the healthcare proposals of the democratic candidates. He said:

"they are trying to FEDERALIZE the health care system". I believe the word he was looking for was "socialize".

These are the nominees, please look them over and vote for you fav.


Anonymous said...

I'll pick number 5 just for the fact he was hyped up so much.lol.

CHUQ said...

thanx, your vote has been recorded. The winner will be announced in Feb.

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