30 January 2008

2008 Florida Primary

Well it is over in Florida--McCain wins 36% to Mitt's 31% to Rudy's 15% and Huckabee's 13%. The win gives McCain a huge lead in delegates. After all the fiery exchanges between Huck and Mc were good political theater. It has been conformed since Rudy spent 10+ months in Florida and the best he could do was a distant 3rd, he will drop out of the race and will endorse McCain. The endorsement will be made at the Republican debate on Thursday 30 Jan 08. Huckabee has vowed to stay in the race and to search for delegates that he may use for leverage at the convention. His presence will most likely help McCain to Romney's chagrin. But for now, McCain will be the front runner simply because of his lead in the delegate count.

On to the Dem side. Since the DNC has stripped Florida of its delegates, this race meant absolutely nothing! Hillary won 50% of the vote, Obama won 33% and Edwards won 14%. There was one interesting fact coming out of this race. Clinton's support and votes were before SC and Obama's was after....most likely she won on name recognition only. Hillary gets to make a victory speech and make a photo-op and grab some headlines away from Obama. That is all she accomplished by the win. She gets NO delegates, but the race was important. But she won in Mich that had its delegates stripped and she did not make a big deal out of it. Publicity is all she won.

Ok now on to Feb 5th, Super Tuesday, or Super duper Tuesday or Tsunami Tuesday, whatever you want call it, will show who is the true front runner in both parties. It will be fascinating to see what types of campaigns will be run. recently they have been negative and nasty on both sides.

Fun stuff--cannot wait!

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