10 January 2008

Richardson Out!

It is being reported that he will bow out of the race for the nomination because of his poor showings in the two contests. Sad, huh? When experience is being taunted as the positive trait; the candidate with the most experience is not even in the race.

Here was a candidate with an extensive resume from governor, ambassador, secretary, to congress, he has done it all. And yet he was an also ran. Sad. So it is down to a beauty contest. A popularity contest. There is the reality, the voter will be left with a choice of cuteness...not qualifications.

I am not saying that Richardson would have made the best president, just that he was the most experienced. Change is the key here. The voter is looking for something new, Bill was not it.


vermouth said...

His experience was broad but his communication skills were poor. It was like he was applying for a job ... "I'm the only candidate who ..." "I was Secy of Energy ... " "I negotiated with N. Korea..." He didn't present a platform or inspire.

CHUQ said...

I agree with you.....he just could not excite the voters. Sad, but true.

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