18 January 2008

Professor's Random Thoughts

There are times when I see or hear or read something that makes me ask WTF? I thought I would start writing them down for prosperity....tee-hee.

1-- A baptist preacher, a Mormon and a Catholic walking into a primary..........that's all I got, but there has got to be a joke in there somewhere.

2--Who do the candidates point at when they are on stage?

3--I watched an interview on morning Joe with Rudy, and when they were talking about NYC and his mayoral stint he said, "I had many crises, not just 9/11, that I had to deal with...." DAMMIT! Joe Biden was right, when Rudy talks his sentences have three things, a noun, a verb and 9/11.

4--Have you ever read Orwell's 1984? It is when big brother is watching and there are large tv screens everywhere telling you how to live, pass on propaganda, so on...thinking...thinking...you kinda like the large flat screen tv you have in your house? And yes it is telling you all the same stuff they were in 1984. Dumbass!

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