11 January 2008

Is Recession Coming?

According to Goldman/Sachs it is and will last awhile. But this prediction comes from a company that gives a bonus of $68 million to its CEO. Just had to throw that in....for effect. The Fed will most likely cut rates again, maybe by a half a point. That should entice investors to go hog wild on the markets. Since the markets are falling like a skydiver without a chute, something will have to be done to protect the investors.

All this is just ducky, if you are investing heavily in the markets. But what about Joe Sixpack who lives on Wisteria Lane? What is being done to help them face the economic crunch? He/she is facing rising food costs, rising gas prices, jobs loss, a credit crunch, and a housing dilemma; so what is the FED doing to help the real person struggling to provide for their family?

Consumers, average working Joes and Joans, make up 66% of the economy, but yet they are totally ignored until it is advantageous to report on them.

A coming recession? If you are a worker--you are already in a massive, deep recession. Can this be changed? Hell yes, but you will have to vote for change...unfortunately, I see little change coming for the average American, no matter who or which party is elected. Buck up!

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