31 January 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Hunter--gone! Thompson--gone! Giuliani--gone! Kucinich--gone! Now Edwards--gone!

The media has done a helluva job picking the candidates for the public. Since their main concern was a popularity contest, a beauty contest, real messages were never allowed to be heard. Instead we get candidates that are vague at best.

The candidates were picked by the media for their ratings potential. Never for who would be best for the country and could possibly solve the problems we are facing. Look at the candidates solutions for the economy. Tax cuts and corporate incentives; these are hopes not a solution. These are vague and are something designed to get the people's attention. They will not solve the overall problem.

Back in the 1920's, an Italian theorist, said that the mass media would become the political hegemony, that is the media would control the political process. He was right! And this election illustrates it more so than those of the past. So Gramsci was a brilliant person he saw the power the media was going to have in society.

Sad that the people are ignorant enough to allow this to happen. They spend there time worrying about, what race a person is, or the gender or the party or.....use your imagination. Instead of forcing this lying ilk to give them specifics, they allow a general bullsh*t answer and then cannot understand what goes wrong. Time and time again, they fall for the crap!

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