16 January 2008

The Nevada Debate

Last night the Dems held another in the list of debates. Everyone was holding their breath to see if the race issue would rear its ugly little head. Long wait--No hard crap coming.

The list of candidates was slimmed down to 3, the top 3, no one else was allow into the elite meeting. It was a coffee social--No bickering, no attacks, not nothing. I was , for lack of a better description, a love fest. Was there a winner? NO there was no clear winner. All 3 candidates made their typical points on the economy, energy, yada yada. Nothing new, same song, different town.

Nothing said would have swayed me away from my candidate of choice...So why did I bother? Killing time until the results of Michigan came in. Yawn! Better luck next time guys and gal.

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