23 January 2008

An Exciting Election Season

Recently, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Morning Joe has said that the American voter is extremely excited about the election season. Personally, I think he has a stand that he seems to be pushing on the viewing audience. He seems to be pushing Huckabee and/or Romney on his viewers. He gets upset when the MSM does not jump on the Romney bandwagon. That’s enough about my personal belief on this matter. As I have said, Joe thinks that the election cycle is very exciting for the voter. He says that they (voter) really want change and that if it is true then they have a wealth of candidates to choose from this time.

Choices? What choices? The voter’s choices of Washington insiders, lots of these or a wealthy business man or a Bush-esque mayor or a preacher or ……..my point is all the real choices have been eliminated either by lack of support or by the media deciding who the candidates are to be. I am sorry, but I do not see the choices that Joe seems to see.

Let’s look at Romney, is he truly the frontrunner? If you look at the delegate count, then yes. But at the same time you must take into consideration that his wins were in two states that he was running virtually unopposed and in a state that he was considered the favorite son. In states where he had to compete with the whole field of candidates he has not done so well. I say if he retains his delegate lead after Florida then I will consider him a front runner.

Is McCain the Repub Front runner? In delegates no he is in second place, but if you look at his election results running against the Repub field then he is closer to a front runner than Romney. Once again, Florida will decide who is the front runner. If you want to know for sure, then I ask that you wait until 30 Jan 08 and your question will be answered.

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