17 January 2008

Mitt Does Michigan

Mitt Does Michigan

Mitt gets his win, I mean second win, now he leads in the delegate count. Two weeks ago pundits were call him gone from the contest, but now he is back. Most are saying that his optimism on the economy of Michigan, saying that it would be good again, and the pessimistic message that McCain was putting out was what gave him the win. Most pundits are saying that his predictions of a good economic outlook were what put him over the top and gave him the win.

Pundits are saying the people of Michigan see him as a company builder and knowledgeable of the way to turn their economy around. But wait, his techniques of turning companies around came on the backs of the workers. Many were laid off, to make the company more profitable. You would think that the voters in Michigan would see through the bullsh*t. His big plan is tax incentives, tax cuts and summits. What about the tax cuts of the Bush boyz, how many jobs returned because of that fiasco? Mitt's ideas will cost the workers more than it will cost the profiteers.

Ok Mitt won the primary in Michigan, but was it because of his message as a lot of people are saying? NO! Since the Dems pulled out of Michigan there were no delegates to be awarded. Daily Kos and others had this plan for Dems to go and vote for Mitt. Why? They wanted Mitt to win; it would have put the GOP into a massive confusion on who the leader is. Now thanks to the Dems the race for the Repub nomination is more clouded than it was before.

Mitt should be thanking the Dems for his win. Please stop pretending it was your message. It was not! It was a plan by the Dems to create confusion among the Repubs. Mitt is not the answer for the Repubs. This whole plan could bite the Dems in the butt. He now has the most delegates and any win will just keep adding to the total.

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