27 January 2008

The Event Horizon Draws Near

On Sat, 26 Jan 08, Obama buried Clinton in South Carolina. He got 54% of the vote, Clinton got 27 and Edwards got 18. yes he got the majority of the black vote, but he also cut across other lines as well. It was a great victory for him. His victory speech was just as aspiring as the one in Iowa. He is a helluva speaker. Edwards will continue, but for how much longer?

Now the Repubs will get their shot at immortality, on Tuesday 29 Jan 08 is the Florida primary. McCain and Romney are running neck and neck, with the winner most likely becoming the front runner. The best thing going for Romney is the crappy economy. He can use all his vague business rhetoric to help sway the voter. McCain will benefit from the amount of older retirees and the military presence in the state, it will assist him. Rudy........is.......in a coma. If he does not do well in Florida he will be hard pressed to continue. Since he is lagging McCain in NY, he may decide not to be embarrassed in his home tuff and take a powder. Florida will be interesting to us political junkies.

And now for the real story. A week later is Super Tuesday, or Super Duper Tuesday or Tsunami Tuesday, that is when as many as 20 states hold their caucuses and primaries. The winners there will be propelled into the lead and everyone else will be looking at their butts. Who will be considered the leader or fav? It depends on how you want to look at it. Across the US different candidates will be favored depending on where the vote is. Delegate count now is becoming the most important part of the campaigns, so each candidate, Dem and Repub, will put their money where they think they can get the most delegates. The fun part will be to see who targets who.

29 Jan 08 is the event horizon and the losers will be sucking into the black hole that it is creating. To either be politically destroyed and to lie dormant waiting for the chance to escape oblivion.

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