26 January 2008

South Carolina Democrats Vote Today

Today will be historic in South Carolina, the voters have a three way choice of candidates. A woman, A black and a white guy, what more could they ask for? It will be historic no matter which way the votes fall. Then who could possibly be the loser? An interesting question.

Edwards if he does not win the votes could be in a pickle. he has vowed to carry on until the convention, but can he afford it. His message of economic populism is a noble call, but if the voter is not listening he may be out. He could try to influence the party platform at the convention, but that, IMO, is a bit of a long shot.

The real loser will be Obama. Why is that? If he wins, it will be spun that since SC is mostly black Dem voters race was the cause of his win. If he loses to Clinton, then it will be spun that he has no ears outside black voters. So the spin will be the thing to watch. Watch Bill after the primary. He will be the lead on the spin. Do not be fooled by the differences in the positions. There is little difference in their positions.

South Carolinians will choose between 2 very similar candidates or the economic populist. They could set the tone for the upcoming Tsunami Tuesday.

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