29 January 2008

The Kennedy's Endorsement Of Obama

Yesterday Sen. Ted Kennedy announced that he was supporting Barak Obama in his bid to become the president of the US. His speech was very good and inspiring. Over the many years I have been watching and analyzing politics, it was one of the best.

Bill Clinton has been throwing around many accusations and innuendo's about Obama and his campaign. His has been very skillful at these attacks. After years of Washington and lying he was trying desperately to sabotage Obama's campaign. But the bright spot in Kennedy's speech was that he incorporated most of the negative attacks and basically threw down the gauntlet to say that he had Obama's back. So now when Bill tries to be cute, there will be someone to act as a surrogate for Obama and Ted is an expert at this stuff.

But will Ted's endorsement help? IMO, it will. Why? First, Ted is a big draw with Latinos in the West, because of his support and friendship with Cesar Chavez of the Immigrant worker movement. Second, Blue collar workers gave always had a love affair with the Kennedys and that could translate into support at the ballot box. Lastly, Ted brings 40 yrs of experience into the Obama campaign, so that should quieten the no experience bs.

On Sunday, Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of JFK, endorsed Obama also. She said that she did so because Obama inspired people the way her father did and that a new generation should take over the leadership of the country. that was something her father said many years ago.

Will these endorsements assist Obama? I say yes it will. The Kennedys will hit the campaign trail and talk up Obama, especially out West. we will see come Feb 5th and Super Tuesday. hopefully, the appearance of Ted, especially, will shut Bill up. He is using race and this from the man some called our first black president.

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