02 January 2008

Professor's Congressional Scorecard

It is the end of the year and I along with my sister blog, The Oracle Of Inkwell, have scored our Congress. The total results can be viewed by clicking on the link on this blog.

Here is the breakdown from month to month:

1--Aug--a step backwards

2--Sept--a step backwards

3--Oct--a step backwards

4--Nov--no step--basicall a stand still

5--Dec--2 steps backwards

The total for the year is 5 steps backwards. Hopefully, '08 will be a better year, but do not hold your breath.


Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree CHUQ.I don't see anything promising in the near future. It's like nothing is being accomplished to me.

CHUQ said...

Thanx--I will scoring the Congress month by month starting this year. I got a late start last year, but this year will be complete.

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