04 January 2008

Obama/Huckabee Win Iowa

Finally, it is over and as the smoke clears it is Huckabee, Mitt, and Thompson on the Repub side. And it is Obama, Edwards and Clinton on the Dem side.

What does it all mean, Professor? Well, if McCain can win in NH, Mitt will have to tap dance faster to retain his front runner status. The early votes, I would say that Mich looks like his best bet. Look for a couple of candidates to drop out.

Ohy Yeah, the Dems--Obama has gotten a boost--Edwards got a small boost and Clinton will start playing really nasty in NH. She needs NH to keep the interest in her campaign. She will most likely lose SC, so she needs a win to keep her going through the states that she cannot hold. She is looking to Fla as the best way to stop Obama.

I look for Biden and Dodd, both with poor showings to drop out of the race. It will be interesting to see whered they will put their support.

On to New Hampshire and the fur will fly, probably on both sides of the election. If you like nasty, hang on to your butt......you will enjoy the rest of the season.

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