17 February 2008

Weekly News UpDate

If you are not a political junkie then your media coverage really sucks..Bite me!

You cannot use
A single piece of this news.

1--Paris Hilton's new movie opened in 111 theaters and made a grand total of $25,000. Does that mean she will not get an Oscar?

2--Obama wins his second Grammy and he beats out Bill Clinton...looks like a trend starting.

3--Another school shooting, more crazies, and freaky ass weather in Sou. CA.

4--$160 million art theft in Switzerland....where will they sell this sh*t?

5--Spears may have a new CA law named after her.

6--Sen. Craig is having his pee-pee spanked by the ethics committee---is he smiling?

7--OJ's girlfriend goes to hospital with a head injury--think about it! Does that sound a bit familiar?

8--7 people killed in a highway drag racing incident.....live for the moment...well not again.

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