18 February 2008

Questions For The Next Debates

By now the American people are up to their collective asses in debates and debate results. Let's see there has been about 50 separate debates and I have watched most have have yet to see a real difference in the candidates positions. I sat around a thought of a couple of questions that I thought would help the listeners learn more about the issues and the candidates.

I also have sent them to CNN and MSNBC with the hope that either or both organizations will ask them or some similar to assist the voter in their upcoming decision.

For both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama.

If either of you are elected president, you have said that troops will withdrawn within the first year. the questions is with the returning troops to the US and the increased pressures on domestic services like unemployment, entitlements, and such programns. How will you, as president, deal with this increase in demand for actions?

Along the same line, how will you deal with the medical needs of returning troops? It will no doubt be a drain on the budgets of several institutions.

For Sen. Clinton:

You have stated that your health care plan will be universal. But, if people do not sign onto your plan will there be a penalty? and if so, what is that penalty?

Sen Clinton, your camp has recently stated that the Supers should vote "independently". What does that actually mean?

For Sen Clinton and Sen. Obama

Since the delegates from Michigan and Florida may not be seated at the convention, because of their defiance of the DNC and moved their primaries, what, In your opinion, should be done with the delegates from these states?

As I have said, these are the types of questions that need to be asked at debates. in the past there has been little specifics, just letting them spout more stump rhetoric. The voter needs specifics. Truthfully, past debates, to me, appeared that the candidates had prior knowledge of most of the questions.

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