28 February 2008

Chelsea: Continuation Of The Clinton Birthright?

Recently in the New Yorker magazine, a fluff piece on Chelsea Clinton written by Lloyd grove, and it was a warm and fuzzy piece on the daughter of Hil and Bill. It covered how she had become a good campaigner for her mother, that she was well informed on the issues and the positions of her mother. Not a bad piece and it was a bit informative. That is if you really wanted to know how Chelsea was doing in the campaign.

The author was interviewed on MSNBC's "Morning Joe". Why? I mean this piece had nothing to do with the attacks from the weekend or the upcoming debate. So why was this a story on MSNBC?

Recently MSNBC's David Schuster made an off hand remark about Chelsea. I will not repeat it, but he was reprimanded and given a 2 week furlough from the air as punishment. MSNBC seems to have bought into the rhetoric of that Obama is getting a free ride in the media. IMO, this interview of the article was a pay off to the Clinton campaign for Schuster's slip of the tongue. Think I am delusional?

Well, let us look at it. Joe Scarborough has blasted unmercifully Michelle Obama for her statement that she was finally proud the her country. He goes off on a diatribe about her being unpatriotic and similar such nonsense. What amazes me is that none of the "anchors" when they bring up this statement ever quote it properly. They seem to always leave out the adverb, "really" from her statement. Anyway my point is that Michelle Obama has been lambasted by MSNBC and no one gets whacked on the pee-pee. Why?

Appears that MSNBC is working for the Clinton campaign. That should not be surprising to anyone that knows politics. Clinton is a product of the democratic leadership Council; GE owns MSNBC and is a staunch contributor to the DLC. Does it begin to make sense now?

Watch Chelsea, she will be running for office in the next 5 years or so. She appears to be in the grooming process of a candidacy. Will the Clinton birthright continue? Time will tell. I shall be vindicated!

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