26 February 2008

A New Republican Scenario

Ok, Mccain is the supposed Repub candidate and now there has been a story about his sex life (that alone sends shivers up my spine). It seems to be a good thing, he is raising money on top of money because of this perceived hatchet job. But what if, it is a plan?

OK I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but think about this....Mitt only suspended his campaign, he never stopped being a candidate, only suspended it for the time being. Got that! Mitt could be in the weeds looking for McCain to bomb out or to flame out or something similar.

McCain the height of the campaign Mitt was accused of flip flopping on issues, but yet Mccain has done the same, he now supports the tax cuts, supports torture, and seems to be in support of earmarks, all of these he opposed in the past. He is setting himself up for defeat, in my opinion.

Mitt is a shrewd person, he is playing the GOP for his chance at the presidency. He is trying to make sure it will be his turn in the barrel soon. If for some unknown reason McCain has a crash and burn moment, Mitt will be there to pick up the pieces.

If McCain was truly a man of principles, he has sold them out for the chance to run for president. Is that what you are looking for in a leader? He has pandered to ALL groups within the GOP just to win a little support for his candidacy. Is that what you look for? If so, then you have found your man!

Watch the news, will there be more McCain moments trying to bring him down? Probably, since he is not the first choice of the conservs.

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