11 February 2008

The Game Is A Foot

This weekend the Dems had primaries and caucuses. The news is that Obama swept all contests. It was expected because he seems to do well at a caucus. But is he now the front runner? Winning contest means didley...it is the delegates stupid! So far the delegate count is still too close to call a front runner.

Now we move on to the Potomac Primaries this Tuesday. reports are that Obama should do well in DC and Maryland and Clinton should do well in Virginia.....but all that predicting is not worth the paper it is printed on....the voters will let us all know on Tuesday who they think can best run this country.

Ok on the Repub side of the coin...Huckabee did extremely well in the contests this weekend. He won Kansas and Louisiana and is leading in Washington, but final results have been disputed. McCain is starting to look weak and Huckabee is coming on strong. Or it could be the voter just does not like the idea of their nominee being told is gonna be McCain.

All in all--this election cycle has been the most fascinating I have ever watch and I have been watching a long time. And it just keeps getting better and better.

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