05 February 2008

Let The Voting Begin

Today is the day! The Big Show! The ........well you pick an adjective......voters today will go to their respective voting location and make their choices for the nominee of both parties. The people will be part of the process. Stop!

Today the voters in the Dem primaries have to choose between a black man and a woman....the choice will be made on that alone. Why? Look at their positions on the issues....both are the same with some minor differences here and there. Any real choice has been eliminated...mostly thanks to the efforts of the media to marginalize any candidate that had a "real" agenda and left the voter with an agenda that is similar. So in the Dem primaries I suggest that a flip of the coin would be a better way to make your choice. At the end of the day, no one will be a shoo in and it will continue past Feb 05 in a search for delegates. It is just a shame that it has boiled down to a personality contest. Good luck, Dems.

Moving on to the Repubs. Here you have a choice between a fake business man, a vet and a preacher. At least these guys have real differences in their approaches to Washington and personally, I think this made their run for the nomination more interesting. IMO, at the end of the day, one will be out front and almost a shoo in for the nomination. I think one candidate will drop out and another, which could drop out, will continue just to get a delegate count. But by Feb 06, the nominee will mostly likely be known.

Please, go vote, if you think that your vote will make a difference and afterwards you feel good about what you did, then by all means, go vote.

To all Godd Luch and Good hunting!

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