21 February 2008

Random Political Thoughts

I take so many notes that it makes my fingers bleed (a joke, not reality). Some become posts and some just sit there and wait for more info to become a post and then there are those that just sit...and sit...and sit...and....

These are some of the thoughts that I did not turn into a massive piece of diatribes.

Clinton on her stump speeches says that she is all about solutions to the countries problems. But most of her solutions come straight out of the Democratic leadership Council playbook. Her solutions do not seem to be capturing the imagination of the voter too well.

If Clinton loses the nomination to Obama, will the acid tongue of Bill once again raise its ugly head in the media?

McCain spends $40+ million of his own money on campaign and he lets loose on Romney for spending his personal fortune on the campaign. Now he is trying to get everyone to agree to use public funds for the general...he must be broke.

Clinton people are calling her a populist. WTF? I have read her stands on issues and have yet to see any populism in her positions. also they (whoever they are) are saying that Clinton is returning to her progressive base. HUH? Have you read the positions of the DLC? There is no progressive thought in it.

Recently Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Morning Joe tried to make a case for Clinton's experience. He said if you need a operation and your choice was a Dr. with 35 years experience and a Dr with 1 or 2 years of experience; you would want the most experience. Good point! But what if the more experienced Dr. is a quack? which one would you want?

Bill has said that his wife has a lot to offer the American people.....maybe so ...but the voter is looking for hope and she is not offering that.

A scenario--say Obama wins the nomination and Clinton returns to congress. Will she be a road block to Obama if he wins the general? The Clintons are a vindictive group. Will she act as a spoiler to Obama's plan for the country. She is a leader of the DLC and she could use that and the membership to spoil change.

Looks like MSNBC has caved to the Clinton's. For a couple of weeks they have been saying that Obama is getting a free ride in the press. For example, Chris Matthews asked a a Texas stAte senator what has Obama accomplished in the his stint in the Senate. The supporter did not have an answer. A big deal is being made of the answer. My problem is why now? Why was this not brought up in past interviews and debates? Still looks like they are trying to placate the Clinton campaign yet again.

Just a few things that have caught me flat footed. They were timely and I did not have a chance to write them up.

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