21 February 2008

Democratic Debate Tonite

Before I speak of this new debate I need to report that Obama won the hawaii Caucus 75% to Clinton's 24%. That makes 10 in a row. Clinton needs a good night at the debate. She is losing support in Texas and Ohio may go the same as Wisconsin.

Tonight is the debate in Austin, Texas, but what will we see? The confrontational style from January or the warm fuzzies of the last Dem debate? IMO, Clinton has got to go after Obama, she cannot afford to be warm and congenial.

She will hit him on his Congressional record. He will hit her on the same type of government if she wins. CNN will be the moderator and we will see if they also will kowtow to the Clinton machine. I also look for Clinton to use the fear card, but will disguise it in the form of Obama's inexperience with national security. Also she will thump her chest about the health care proposal, but as usual will be nothing more than vague generalities. Obama needs to stay calm and above the attacks. If he can pull it off, she will appear pathetic and desperate.

Obama will most likely have a long night. He will be hit from all sides, Clinton and CNN, if they smell blood he could be in a pickle. The media wasted no time piddling on his win in Wisconsin and I look for much the same in the context oif the debate.

I offered a list of questions to CNN and MSNBC that will educate the voter, but I do not see it working out that way. It will once again be a popularity contest with little moderation. Ratings will be more important than voter knowledge.

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