22 February 2008

CNN Democratic Debate In Texas

First of all, I was mistaken, I know hard to believe, huh? Clinton did not attack! She apparently has seen the light. But she hangs on to the tired old argument that she has experience. It has not worked in the past, why continue?

How many have there been? At least CNN had the good sense to put Blitzer on the sidelines. But they for some reason they really like the applaud thing. I have a suggestion for them. They already have a feel-o-meter installed with undecided voters to check the reactions. Next they could install an applaud-o-meter. Then they would not have to pay analysts and the viewer would know immediately who won. No talk, no analysis, just statistics.

Back in 2007 I said there was little difference between Obama and Clinton positions. If you were listening last night then you saw the lack of difference. They are similar on Cuba health care, etc. Both candidates were poised and presidential looking. I give the edge to Obama here, he is more poised than he has been in the past. He handled all semi-attacks with calm reactions. The voter learned nothing new, if they have been listening in the past.

There were two parts that were not good. Both candidates were asked about earmarks, Obama has had 91 million and Clinton has had 342 million, but both did not address the earmarks but rather what should be done in Congress to make it more transparent. Then Clinton when she made her "change you can xerox", which referred to her campaign's accusation of plagiarism. The audience booed.

If one watched waiting for Clinton to go on the offensive and attack, you were sadly disappointed. The civility was almost nauseating at times. Clinton's best moment was her closing statement and all the illusion she gave about wounded soldiers, her life and her vision.

Obama is closing in on Clinton in Texas and the debate did not change the fact that her campaign is in trouble and the contests in Texas and Ohio could well be her swan song. The debate did not give her a boost that she was looking for.

Note: To me Clinton sounded like she is expecting to lose the race for the nomination. She seem to be conciliatory toward Obama. If she does not win big in Texas and Ohio, I look for her to throw in the towel, for her funds will dry up. Just a thought.

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