19 February 2008

Is That Desperation I smell?

OMG! according to the Clinton campaign is accusing Obama of "plagiarism", before that it was he was "flip-flopping" on public finance and before that it was he dodged another half dozen debates and before that, he is just words not action. Now the Clinton camp is demanding that the delegates from Michigan and Florida be seated. Could her campaign's desperation be anymore overt? She still continues to harp on her "experience" and it is not working. It just highlights that she is part of the "old guard" and that is something the people are tired of in Washington.

She and her campaign specialists are harping these things trying to find something that will throw Obama off his message. They are searching hard to find a hook that will regain her standing with the voter. Her problem is that Obama seems to be two steps ahead of her and the machine.

Her handlers and advisers are the old days where in-fighting and accusations were the rule of the day. The people are sickened by the thought of a continuation of the status quo. They are looking for a new direction for the political playground.

Today is the primaries in Wisconsin and Hawaii and Clinton's chances lessen with every passing contest. She has only the Big 3 to look forward to, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas. Can you hear her campaign gasping for air?

The smell of desperation permeates the air--someone needs to take a shower--or at least use some Febreze.

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