05 February 2008

Professor's Congressional Scorecard

I apologize for being late with my assessment of the Congress this month. There has been so much crap flying around that it was on the back burner.

My scorecard is done monthly and the scoring is a positive step for the Congress will be forward, negative will be a backwards step and then if there is nothing really to report it will be a no step. January was a short month thanks to the holidays.

Last year the Congress took 4 steps backwards. Not exactly what they were sent to Washington to accomplish. We can only hope that '08 will be a better year or will it?

Scorecard for Jan '08

1--Work on steroid abuse--backward--a waste of time people

2--Pelosi gets house cafeteria menu changed--no step--yet another waste of time

3--Health care veto on hold--backward

4--Response to The missing CIA tapes--forward

5--the FISA Bill--backward

6--the move on the economic stimilus plan--forward--only because that they are working together to try an help the American people.

That is about all they did in the month of January and if you are counting, the congress took 2 steps backwards. And it looks like the trend will continue for '08. God help us!

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