01 February 2008

Latest Democratic Debate

To begin with, the media finally got its way: There are only 2 candidates; the two that the media has always wanted. Clinton and Obama. With that said I shall go on. CNN was the sponsor of this debate and the moderator was Wolf Blitzer. On the best day, the two of them are lame. Their Repub debate was lame and nothing changed with the Dem debate. Why do I say that? In his intro Blitzer said, "This is the first time a woman and a black man have been the vying for the nomination to represent their party in the presidential election." Thanks, Wolf, I had completely missed that fact all these months.

On to the debate. It was a lot calmer than the previous Dem debate. The two candidates made nice, they disagreed, people applauded, and Blitzer was asleep. As usual, I do not think it was a debate at all. It was more an introduction Q&A. Clinton at times looked mechanical. She gave a stump speech and seldom answered any question with a direct answer. Especially when she was asked why she will not apologize for voting to go to war in Iraq. She rambled on and on about why she voted for it, citing this fact and that, but she has never said the war was wrong. When asked what about a uncontrolled Bill in the White House. She ducked the question as she does most questions.

Obama appeared to be more animated than in the past. He appeared to be more comfortable on stage with his answers and his rebuttals. His best part was his stand on the war. He held to his position on the war being wrong and he told how he would have handled it. On other issue he was clear on where he stands. with that said, his answers were still a stump speech that I have heard time and time again.

Basically, since the American voter has the attention span of a Reese's Monkey, this was just an intro to the candidates before the 05 Feb primaries. People are just now waking up and realizing that they may vote in days. So the people have learned generalities about the two candidates and if the were paying attention, they noticed they were very similar on their positions.

Alrighty then, who won the debate? My opinion it was Obama, he looked calm and comfortable and gave good clear answers. Clinton at times appeared, to me, to be a bit mechanical and her answers were good and clear, but as usual a bit vague. But the real winner in last night's debate was CNN and the mainstream media. Why? They wanted a 2 candidate field for months and they went out of their way to help eliminate those candidates whose message was more different than the two we have now. I congratulate the media on a job well done.

Now the voter can enter into a voting booth knowing that a flip of a coin will decide who will be the Dem candidate.

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