19 February 2008

Professor's Classroom

A couple of days late, Presidents Day was a holiday and I took advantage of it. Today's quiz is about the Constitution.

There were five members of the Committee of Style and Arrangement, which was responsible for the writing of the US Constitution. The most famous members were Hamilton and Madison. The question is who were the other three members of the committee?

Take out paper and pen and you may begin. That is if there is any one out there. I doubt very seriously that anyone really gives a sh*t.

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CHUQ said...

First, I would like to thank those who took the time to take the quiz and learn something about American history. WAIT! No one took the quiz! Makes me so proud to be helping others do there stuff that I can hardly speak.

The answer is: William Samuel Johnson, Gouverneur Morris and Rufus King

Now that was fun!

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