10 February 2008

Weekly News UpDate

Sorry to say, that politics leads the news cycles right now, so there is not much worthless crap to report on. Politics is the most important thing right now. But I try to find crap you cannot possibly use.

If it is news
You can use
Then open a beer
For it is not here.

1--More fires, plane and car crashes, and stuff

2--A German Airline offers nude flying, most be clothed to get on and off, but once on the clothes come off. those darn germans--always thinking.

3--More skiers lost in the mountains--thrill seekers are f*cking morons!

4--More sh*tty weather in the South on Super tuesday..thinking...Huckabee wins...maybe God was trying to tell the voters something.

5--More crappy weather in the Midwest

6--Another successful shuttle launch.

7--Cheney goes hunting this w/end--who will he shoot this time?

8--Finally, Brittney spears is still f*cking nuts!

well another week another bunch of worthless crap in the news...makes me proud of the media...NOT!

see ya next week--same bat time, same Bat channel...TTFN

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