03 February 2008

Weekly News UpDate

It has been a crazy 3 weeks in politics. Seems like it has gone on and on and on.....for years. Unfortunately, with so much election news day after day, there did not leave much time to report the absolutely useless crap that happens. But I will try.

If it is news
Here it will not be used
Or it will be completely abused.

1--A new Miss America--just how many fake blonds can they get on one stage? BTW, did you see the tits on CNN's Robin Meade? Holy Shit!

2--Another missing woman and foul play is suspected--really?

3--Pres. of Mormon Church croaks

4--Head of Greek Orthodox Church croaks

5--ABC faces a $1.4 million law suit for showing female nudity on NYPD Blue.

6--More morons missing in the Western mountains.

7--OMG! Even more news on the blond who went missing two yrs ago in Aruba.

8--Dog eats man's $900 Super Bowl tickets.
Worthless crap that only a moron would find slightl informative.

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