19 February 2008

CHUQ-ian Observation

Bill Clinton has gone ballistic several times in the past. First was in South Carolina where he throws out the race card against a fellow Democrat. Then in Nevada he accuses Obama's people of trying to intimidate caucus goers. And it continues on and on, lately he has got in the face of an Obama support and verbally attacks a pro-life supporter at a stump speech. And he is still doing his damage to his wife's campaign. No one seems willing to make him shut up. The negativity from Bill and other surrogates and even Hillary, is not winning her much support. The people are weary of all the Washington negativism.

I have an idea--put together a team of noted psychologists and let them follow Bill around and listen and watch his actions and words. Then let them submit a report on his mental attitude. There are a wealth of questions on why he does and says the things he does on the stump.

Is he jealous?
Does he miss the limelight?
Is he just angry?
Does he have a personal agenda?
Does he really want wife to win?
Is he just defending wife?

There is a wealth of question that need to be asked about Bill Clinton and his effectiveness as a campaigner for his wife. Personal opinion, he is not helping his wife's case to be the presidential nominee. He is doing more harm than good. He is sabotaging her campaign, more so than the moronic statements from people like Wolfson and others.

This study could be a valuable tool to determine if spouses are really needed in a campaign for president. In this case, Bill is definately not needed, his statements are just plain dumb.

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