13 February 2008

Suggestions For Obama

This was a post that I was going to add to my Daily Kos page, but after watching the Potomac primaries, I think that they are already trying to do these things. Great minds think alike! Ha!

Yesterday Obama had a clean sweep of the Potomac Primary, Va., DC and Md. He also can look forward to doing well in the next contests, those in WI and Hawaii. It appears that his next real contest with Clinton will be in PA, TX and Ohio. These are being reported to be leaning toward Clinton.

What can Obama do to help his case in the Big 3? Most of the Dem voters in these states are blue collar working voters with limited education, which plays into Clinton's game plan. Obama needs to find a way to get his message out to the voters in these states. He will probably have some momentum from a very successful February, but may not translate into wins in the Big 3.

I have few suggestions for Obama that could possibly assist him in these soon to be hard fought states. First of all will be the economy, it sucks for a working family trying to get ahead, or just to keep their heads above water, so they do not drown in debt. And then there is the war. Both candidates have similar positions on getting out of Iraq. Obama needs to find a way to tie the two together. He needs the anti-war vote as well as the blue collar vote. IMO, Obama needs to tie the two, the economy and the war, together. he could possibly use a formula, of say, Texas and their part of the revenue that went to pay for the war. Illustrate how many schools could have been upgraded, how many low cost housing could have been built, how it would have improved the education in the state. Stuff like that. And do this in all three of the states. talk about it on the stump and emphasize it media ads and talking spots. Just stress how much of the working peoples money could have been used for good instead of war. Suggest that if he is elected that will change.

Next I would stress that Dems like Clinton, Emmanuel, Bayh, et al are not in it for the worker. The workers are being deceived. That Clinton and other DLC cronies believe that "left-wing" positions are not politically viable. They describe themselves as "moderate and pro-growth". Probably responsible for erosion of the Democratic Party's historical labor and minority base due to support of treaties like NAFTA, lack of support for affirmative action and poverty programs, and their siphoning away of campaign funds from minority groups. Since the presidency of Bill Clinton these operatives have been steadily pulling the Democratic Party to the right. They are corporate candidates and not the true candidates of the working class.

Obama needs to find away to get through to the blue collar voter. He needs to show them that Clinton is not the best candidate for the working majority.

Recently I heard talk show host Randi Rhodes talk about the candidates and their positions with the people. They say stuff like "I feel your pain". "I know what you are going through". Stuff like that. Rhodes said when you hear this ask the candidate, "if you truly know what I am going through, then how many extra days do I get on my light bill if I mail in a check that is unsigned"? An excellent question to ask and I think that anyone in the Big 3 states that reads this and goes to a function for these candidates, please ask them that question and see if they truly "feel your pain".

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john spence said...

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