13 February 2008

Gitmo Executions?

With all the US election stuff, I have neglected my posts on other news from the world. Just the american political process this cycle is just so damn fascinating and the possibilities are just amazing.

I want to speak on the news about the 6 "terrorists' that will be tried and killed in the name of justice. Ok, these guys may well be the a/holes that they are called by the US and the media. They may be murderers and rapist and child molesters, but I still believe in the due process of law. To try these people without access to lawyers and a jury is not due process. A military tribunal will be just a kangaroo court.

I am not in favor of the death penalty to begin with, and I am doubly against it in this form of justice. But what can we expect from a cowboy president with the IQ of a rotten turnip. I would hope that the American people would find this repugnant. That means disgusting, in case it eluded you.

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