29 February 2008

Ready! Aim! Fire!

Geez! Obama has got to feel like a proverbial duck in a barrel. Everyone is taking shots at him. McCain tries to emphasis his inexperience on the Middle East. Clinton is trying to just grab a few more votes. But the real funny is the surrogates of each of the mentioned candidates.

The Clinton surrogates have nothing, so they make it up as they go and then there are the 527's. You gotta love these slimy little sh*ts! As I go around talking with people about Obama, it surprises me the people that actually believe every word of these horrible emails. Especially the one about him being a Muslim mole in the machine. I ask these people if he were a Muslim why is he a member of a supposedly "white-hating" Christian church? That is a direct violation of Islam. The funny part is I never get an answer.

The there is the "inevitable" Repub nominee, who spends more time on Obama than on his positions. But there is a reason for that, he has nothing but tired old diatribes. And it helps keep the spotlight off his flip flopping on issues like tax cuts and torture. Two things he was opposed to and now he has seen the light and he supports them. The light? The light of the presidency.

All in all this whole attack Obama thing is something that they need to be prepared for and it is something rather silly. The voter learns nothing about issues and positions and stances by this type of crap.

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